3D Animator Based Out Of Amsterdam

With an education and background in design, Sjoerd approaches animation with a focus on visual orientation and a nod to traditional design disciples. Since establishing his company in 2012, Sjoerd has worked on campaigns with brands and agencies including Mediamonks, Woodwork, 180 Kingsday and The Brave New Now.

Watch the latest showreel on Vimeo here.

how it’s made

A look behind the curtain

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We generally use maxon Cinema 4D for all our 3D work. This is the industry standard for motion graphics and 3D.

GPU powered rendering

Rendering on graphics cards has changed the game.

Scalability of CGI

3D rendered images can be translated into an animation quite easily. Resources can be reused for all kinds of purposes.


My team and I work hard and with dedication to ensure full client satisfaction.

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Request a quote for your project

As every project is different, budgets are too. Sjoerd strives to be available to everyone. If necessary he collaborates with a dedicated team of professionals. If you seek any type of design or animation project reach out to him and you will be given a tailored proposal and price to suit your needs.

I’m situated at co-working space The Wheelhouse. Come by for a cup of coffee if you like.
The Wheelhouse is situated in the city centre of Amsterdam.