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Projection mapping on a real person

Sometimes a great opportuniy comes by and you have to jump on it. This was one of those moments. Sjoerd has always wanted to do a projection mapping project. You see this technique more and more being used. It’s very interesting what is possible. Projecting on a living human being was obviously quite a challenge.

BSC makes a device for heartpatients called an S-ICD. This animation shows the new two incision technique to place the S-ICD into the body.

For the project Sjoerd collaborated with Michiel Krop (Mixil). Together a 3 minute animation was made. Storytelling was used to inform viewers about the product but also intrigue them by making 3D rendered environments and effects that were projected on this person. Halfway the animation the operation starts. This is where the viewers, mainly cardiologists will see the new and improved two incision technique is administered right in from of their eyes.

The viewers positive reactions told us we did a good job.

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